a gem of a friend.

it is amazing when, once in a while, you get to find someone who sees you through and through. one who’s got you all figured out and one who is beyond judging and gauging who you are. yes, there might have been some doubts. and, yes, others might look at it with a raised eyebrow. like, “come on. isn’t that just too much? or too weird?” but, well, not everything has to follow the rules and the social norm, right? sometimes, you just know. there’s no need to cling on. there’s no need for promising words. there’s no need for a reassurance. because knowing that you do not have to question the friendship anymore is already an affirmation on it’s own. you know that there will be someone to laugh with you, to cry with you, or to just sit with you. it is comforting to find a friendship where both are willing to drop anything for the other, anytime. it is touching to know that there will be someone to be there for you-unconditionally- because that person already knows your strengths and weaknesses yet he/she is still there. because, friends do tend to come and go and it gets emotionally tiring sometimes because all you need and want is someone who (you hope) will eventually stay. and, this time, you hope that this is “it.” well, probably not, but you know you’re going to have fun and make unforgettable memories while it last. and, sometimes, circumstances might make things seem complicated but you have to understand that the beauty of this friendship is that, the friendship is already beyond that.


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