giveth thy love.

During session 1 of LISC yesterday, one quote really struck me:

“You Can Give Without Loving,

but You Can’t Love Without Giving”

It is easy to love God when we are having a good life especially when our faith is not tested and we just have to be thankful. It is easy to give to others when you are in abundance of something- of joy or love or time. well, you already have a surplus so giving is like charity.

But, when you really love someone -in this case, God-, it might be good to give something of yourself even when you are empty-handed. it makes the whole relationship more meaningful, more special, and a little bit stronger. because, even when you have nothing, this is when you try to come up with something…. and that something becomes something more real and true and genuine than how we thought it was. For example, when you sacrifice your time with your books or your time with your friends or even your time to rest, that little effort suddenly means everything because, in a way, you are saying that God is more important than any of those. imagine having your boy/girlfriend go out of his way to just give you a hug in the middle of a long busy day. i bet that’s how God feels when WE go out of OUR way to spend some time with Him — to exchange a few words, to share a few thoughts, to just be in each other’s presence. Because, then, you go out of your way to try and keep that connection with Him; even when it’s inconvenient and even when it hurts. In this way, you are giving a part of yourself, something like a self-sacrifice…. like how God sacrificed His son for us. because, that’s how God loves and that’s how we should love God.


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