2011 birthday wishlist!!

you may think this is funny or obnoxious or thick-skinned. i think it’s being practical (lol. really.) and humorous (of course). coz, today, I shall spare you guys some wasted brain cells, money, and time 🙂

Things i wish for my birthday….

From the most superficial ones to the most practical ones to the most meaningful ones to the rational ones and to the dumb ones (in no particular order). there’s no need to give me everything. i still have 40 more birthdays to come. (:

  1. a crucifix necklace
  2. an elegant rosary (those pearl+gold connectors ones) plus, the instruction on how to pray a rosary
  3. a great escape with margiewargie
  4. dinner and drinks at fatboys (@Thomson)
  5. good non-clumpy nail polish + the rest of the set
  6. lancome perfume: miracle
  7. be able to do smth meaningful
  8. warmmm hugggsssss
  9. post it notes of love (don’t waste money on cards, please)
  10. skype with kitkat and kim ❤
  11. a portable hard drive with shows for me to watch and new songs. it will also be good with a folder of feel-good songs i posted up on fb (okay. half of this is good enuf lah, huh?)
  12. A shoulder bag (like the one I have for School now)
  13. A hair dryer
  14. good cheap room45-4-851-bound time with my close friends
  15. if you’re my mom (or my relative), a decent apartment with my own sofa bed in my own please.
  16. some time and love from God ❤

Oh. i want whatever it is gift-wrapped in a box and, no need for a cake please. i had one from secret recipe today (yumyum) but cakes also mean lots of run. so, no need cake please. we can have mcdonald’s ice cream + fries (=happy meal) instead. (lol as if macs is not equivalent to a run) also, please do not announce to the world. i’m shy. heee:) let facebook do it’s job. Also, please do not give me anything that’s difficult to shift from one house to another. Meaning, no fragile stuff, no mugs (unless it’s the Starbucks one), no books, no stuff toys(teddy is irreplaceable thusfar). hahaha Thanks in advance 🙂

if you forgot that my birthday is coming until you saw this post, it’s okay. don’t feel bad. just get one entire gift on your own without sharing with others to make it up to me! hahahaha:)


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