heart’s day.

tonight is the night after valentines day, with people still caught in thoughts from the night before. in a dark quiet room, with nothing but ourselves and the soft beating of our heart, here we are.

some of us, satisfied with the love we have. some of us, hurting from the love we’ve lost. some of us, still trying to figure out what happened. some of us, planning what to do next. some of us finally learning how to move on and let go. some of us still gathering the guts to finally confess his/her undying love. some are hoping. some are waiting. some are hurting. some are pretending. some of us were sent to heaven with a kiss. some of us, thinking of someone we dearly miss. some of us, drowning in bliss just by sitting beside someone special. some of us, wishing to be right beside that someone special. someone is smiling while another is crying.

because, whatever it is, our heart feels things we never knew existed.

but, to you, my dear friend, on this dark quiet night. i urge you to listen to every heart beat, no matter how painful or nice it is, and treasure it. whatever it is that our heart feels. because, our heart is the only thing we have in our body to remind us that we can feel and we are still alive.


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