opening hearts, holding hands.

because you’re my bestfriend, i need to tell you some things. i want to tell you this because i care about you, about us, and our friendship.

you see, the only permanent thing is change and we have always been strong against it-i guess, until now. because, now i feel like things are changing and i am (finally) actually scared that it might drive us apart. but, in a relationship, i believe people need to talk things out and explain each other’s side. things that we are scared of or reasons why we hurt. otherwise, change will just put a wedge into the friendship and if we do not do anything, it might just drift us apart. but you see, when a friendship means a lot, we cant just allow it to let us drift us apart. so, over a cup of warm coffee, let us sit down and talk. about this new rivers we are threading on. coz even if it’s two different rivers, we can still travel side by side. slowly but open-mindedly, we can accept these changes and turn them into cornerstone gems that will fence the friendship up. because, you and i have been friends when we were growing up and, now, it’s time for our friendship to grow up, too. because you are my bestfriend then and forever my bestfriend, i want you to be.


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