school of fish.

when i was young, i used to think so highly of schools. i was always so excited to go to school-even asking my mom to leave as soon as she drops me off. i was just like Matilda! for me, schools are the best place for learning! they teach you about the sun and the stars, about alphabets and putting them together into wonderful words, and about 1-2-3-4-5 to count your countless gifts and blessings.

well, at least that’s what i thought.

but, now i wonder. if this is the purpose of our educational institutions? coz, sometimes, they seem like they are just trying to earn money and profit from students. well, after all, they are still commercial institutions and they need to earn. sometimes, i feel like, students are there to just get the highest grades, even though the process forgoes learning-which obviously defeats the purpose. one has to make mistakes to learn, but with all the competition, there’s just no space to make mistakes. sometimes, i feel like schools are to see your place in the social hierarchy. who is the prettiest, the coolest, the hottest, the most fashionable one. but, none of  these directly helps us become a better person. in fact, some people get stuck in this mentality until they move on to bigger corporations. and, until then, high school never ends.

so, what’s the point of going to schools now? i don’t think it’s so much about learning but i guess it’s to prepare ourselves for the big world–and, what a sad sad world that is…

and, right now. i dont believe in schools as much anymore.


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