Just laugh.

When anything hurts, there’s always some kind of a medicine to make you feel better. There’s panadol, vicodene, aspirin, prozac, and many many more.

I am no doctor but there’s one thing i know. Whatever it is, Laughter is always the best medicine. So, whatever hurts, just laugh it off. Laugh at the corniest joke or the cheesiest line. Laugh coz u can feel. Laugh coz you’re God’s child and you are blessed. Laugh coz you can read this. Laugh coz you’re here. Laugh coz you shine when you smile. Laugh coz it makes you beautiful-Er. Laugh coz your laugh makes us laugh (and that’s laughter x 2!!!! You can multiply laughter!) laugh coz you don’t know how much happiness can make people happy. Laugh and make it loud. or, at least, Smile 🙂



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