You can be a hero.

Society tends to categorise people between good or evil, the heroes or the villains.

But, honestly? I don’t think it is simply a world of good and evil. There’s no sides in a sphere. I think, most of the time, we won’t really know if a person is good or bad until they are subjected to a certain circumstance where we can observe how that person reacts on it. I think the line between good and evil does not depend on the society and where they place that benchmark because every person can always act differently in every circumstance and this reaction of theirs determines the kind of person they are. Even in the smallest most unsuspecting event.

As such, that line between good and evil, lies not in the society, but in our hearts. We always have a choice. Or, in another perspective, we always have to struggle between BEING good and bad. In fact, just by choosing to do something good out of an ordinary situation, we can be heroes. Heroes, like us,  are even better than the batman, superman, or x-man kind because they have super powers while, us, ordinary people just do great awesome awe-inspiring things with our bare hands, about 10% of our brains, and our fist-sized heart.

yes, today, you tell yourself: i can be a hero.


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