life suckers.

i just finished watching like 33episodes of vampire diaries. man, it really sucked the life out of me! (even as fast as how they suck other people’s blood) like, for the past since yesterday, i can just stay in my room the whole day. doing nothing else but watching the show. i can barely reply texts or do my work (essays and stuff). yeah. it got me off fb, too! (which maybe a good thing) lol.

it amazes me how i can do that. in fact, i do that with whatever shows i watch. i’ll be completely absorbed in their world, knowing each character as if they’re my friends. i feel their happiness, their pain, and  like their drama is my drama. it brings me to a whole new world. like, how alice jumps into a rabbit’s hole and ends up in wonderland. the difference is, i don’t jump. i lie down on my bed, with dickie and a pair of earphones.

throughout this break, i have watched house, supernatural, bones, chuck, gossip girls, vampire diaries, and before school starts, im gonna watch glee. i dont even understand this.or, how i choose which shows to watch. i just do. i guess it’s a form of escapism. and, here i am, just happily letting the wonderful world of theatricality engulf me.

this is bad………..


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