Together, we can face 2011.

Time comes and goes. Things always change. But, one thing I hope for this year is that the friends I currently have will stay on. Another new year has stepped in. Some of us are finding ourselves, finding some answers, finding some direction.  And, even when we are not sure where life is heading, it helps to make sure we are not going there alone. Coz, no one has all the answers of what is or what will be but sometimes, we just have to accept things and move on. Let go of the past, live now, and look towards the future. We might have already gone through a lot of things in the past and we tned to think that we have seen it all. Yet, as we trek towards the future, one step at a time, step by step, we may realise that life can still surprise and WE can still surprise ourselves, especially when we are surrounded with people who believe in us. Because, the new year is not about what happened. It is about what is about to come.


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