unconditional love

Today’s society works such that every time we give, we expect something in return. A pay check for a day’s worth of work. A payment for the goods we bought. A favour in return for another. This mentality is so prevalent that we tend to adopt this view in terms of love. Nowadays, when we love someone, we expect the other person to love us back. But this is not how things work. Instead, God gave each of us “free-will”: for people to choose to love or not to love. And while we can choose to love someone, the other person is not obligated to love us back. But, this should not stop us from loving, from caring, from giving. Because our free will entitles us to love and care just because we want to and just because we can.And when we do this, without expecting anything in return, it is called-unconditional love. Like how our family loves us, like how God loves us. To love while expecting nothing in return—that is true love. Because, love is not something to be calculated. It is something to be felt and shared. And, sometimes, to free our own hearts from the ache of overflowing feelings, we just have to give all that we’ve got.


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