don’t settle. strive.

Sometimes, the biggest mistake we can ever commit is to settle. To settle for something that is there because we are not sure if a better one is coming. To settle for something that is there because we are tired of waiting or trying. For example, when we are looking for our dream job or waiting for our prince charming. We settle for a more mediocre position because we are afraid that a good one may not come. We settle for this so-so suitor because we are afraid that this is as good as it gets. STOP. THINK. WAIT A MINUTE. Don’t you think that, maybe, we deserve something better. Perhaps, the one standing right in front of us now is simply a taste that there is something better out there. And, while it is good to appreciate it, we do not have to settle for that choice just because that’s the only choice we currently have. Impatience, tsk tsk. Wait.  Because, good things come to those who wait. No one can fault us for have ideals and dreams. Everyone has a special plan. Something meant specially for them. Something/someone that deserves us and we deserve in return. Take note, that thing you’re waiting for may not be perfect. The one you currently have may even be better-in absolute terms. But, the one that you deserve, the one that you won’t be “settling” for will (most probably) be the perfect one for you. Mysteriously, that’s how things work. So, if you don’t think it’s right yet, please don’t settle. Strive. Settling is like giving up when you could have strived for more instead, and get something better and more worth it.

Coz it IS out there. You just have to wait.


One thought on “don’t settle. strive.

  1. Good advice, but how can I apply that to battling with the Government? Prince Charming I have, “they” just won’t let him home.

    But even so, I’ll be damned if I will “settle”. It is way too important!

    So I agree – never settle!

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