christmas eve memories.

Favourite Christmas Eve memory: It was the year of 2007 (i think) in the Philippines. the year after my grandfather passed away. it was only my two sisters and i. so, we agreed that every one is to prepare two dishes. i remembered kim, the youngest one, prepared “Coke”-her idea of drinks- and grilled hotdogs. or, at least watch the grilling process. haha. the maid did all the dirty work. i made spaghetti and i dont know what. but im quite sure it was terrible (hence my subconsious choosing to forget the details). my second sister, kitkat, made dessert (refrigerated cake i think. but it failed coz we couldn’t see the layers. haha) and some pie that kinda got burnt outside and undercooked inside. haha:) we walked to Binondo Church (yeah. we stay at Chinatown-Philippines version), walked back, grabbed starbucks along the way  (most probably) and waited for midnight to strike to actually start eating. then, we spent the night watching childish christmas movies and cam-whoring. that was it. simple but splendid. (with all the things i cant rmmbr. obviously, my memory fails but u got the big picture. haha)

This year, i celebrated Christmas differently.for christmas eve, i skyped with my sisters, had dinner at Fish&Co (my treat!) at Ang Mo Kio hub and midnight mass at Christ the King Church. my mom thought there was carolling at 10 and mass was at 11. so, we waited there from 9:45pm till 12mn. omg! the next day, i spent time with Gregory House (from the tv series, House) and had Christmas dinner with my friends ❤ well, i guess some things change huh?

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