Open Happiness

This year, i learned that we should not (fully) depend on other things for our own happiness. Yes, i don’t deny how ice cream and french fries can easily send us to heaven. But, for the most of it, i think we should depend on ourselves rather than on things around us. We should not be happy only when someone is happy with us, or wants to be with us, or accepts us. Our happiness should not depend on the amount of cash in our wallet, how popular we are or the number of A’s we get. This is us being happy depending other people’s judgement. (Though, yah. you can be happy for that too.) But, honestly? we are worth MUCH more than than. and life means MUCH more than that. In fact, when you think about it, even that decision to get that ice cream depends on whether or not we decide to go to McDonald’s to get that happy treat. Similarly, getting our target GPA or catching the eye of that hottie next door depends on what we do. And, if it does not work out, perhaps it is not meant to be. Because, things do not always work two ways and God has BIGGER plans. Nevertheless, we know that we have given whatever it is our best shot and that silent simple sense of self-satisfaction CAN make us happy. As such, we can see that being happy depends on us-whether we choose “to be or not to be;” whether we look through the kaleidoscope of life with bright positivity or overcast scepticism. And, if we really have to depend on others, depend it on positive things-like the sunshine, the company of good friends, or the warmth from your family (God is family, too). For, it is in the comfort of love where we find love for ourselves and be happy. So, yes, go find that happiness within ourselves and let it glow. And, guess what. by simply being happy, we make others happy too which, in turn, amplifies our happiness again. and it will be one whole world of happiness– like a worldful of Coke!! (:

oh. according to this video, coke is actually made with blanketted with kisses, sealed with a toothy smile, and cooled by snowmen in a happiness factory. a bit creepy but CUTE! hahaha. oh. and this one says, coke will make us “strangers no more”. oh, and if only there is this coke effect. (arg. i cant find a better verssion) hahahaha (: i am not saying that our happiness depends on coke, okay? lol 😀


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