best gift ever: holidays!!

haha. i actually saved this pic a week ago just so that i can post it NOW (:

anyway, yeah!!! exam’s are over. there’s nothing i can do about it anymore but leave it to God and to the markers. so, for me, it’s relaxation time!!! so here’s what i shall do. in no particular order. just what i can think of, within 3MINUTES. START!

  1. go to town and feel the christmas spirit
  2. listen to christmas songs
  3. while making my christmas present list
  4. shop for christmas presentsss
  5. write letters to friends
  6. stone at changgi airport
  7. toffeenut latter + a book @ starbucks
  8. skype my sisters
  9. have dinner with my mom
  10. send a care package to my daddy
  11. stay in bed for a whoooooole day
  12. glee marathon
  13. catch up on my tv showsss
  14. watch the sunrise/sunset
  15. literally just walk around orchard
  16. go to ecp and enjoy the wind
  17. chilli crab + man tow (hopefully for newyear)
  18. blog about highlights of the year, things i learnt this year, things i am grateful for, and things i wanna do next year.
  19. run/jog around punggol
  20. get my itouch–no matter what.



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