My dream and ambition.

i still have one paper left but i really have been wanting to blog this topic in case i forget my point and i’d have  to remind my sem a few days/months/years from now.

There’s two things you should know about me.

Eversince i was young, i knew that i wanted to make a difference in the world. Sometimes, i’ll be sitting in my primary six classroom window, thinking, “i know there’s a bigger than this.. now, where is it?” i will be watching US-based tv shows or national geographic channels, thinking, one day i will be there too–travelling and being part of the big world. i will be walking down a road lined with slum housing, thinking, one day, i will change their lives.

Secondly, i like watching evening news shows with my (late) grandfather, i enjoy listening to adults talk about corruption nonsense, and i can actually sitdown at starbucks and discuss with strangers regarding government leaders. Yeah. I was always interested in these “serious adult stuff.” I think thse are things that people should be concerned about and when i talk about MY opinion, i would want them to make sense. In fact, i always thought i would be taking political science to give the Philippines a big push out of its bad governance trap. haha:)

Yeah. for a small girl with a 153cm height, i have really BIG BIG dreams.

and, now, I am really glad to be sitting here studying about Economics. sitting here, reading about growth models, poverty reduction, and financial crisis, i think i am on the right path. At least, now i am at ease that i am taking economics instead of political science since i know that the governement is only one slice of the big political economy pie. In fact, i am already OUTSIDE of my country and doing something that I want.

Ain’t that awesome?

Yeah, for my friends from “more developed countries,” this might not be so awesome. But, seriously, coming, from a third world country, how many people can actually say that?

Whatever it is, i know i WILL make a difference one day. but i do not know how to. i honestly have no idea what what the next step will be. There’s no gameplan. Just a goal. And the passion that’s still burning, that’s gotta count right? at least i know i that i am i AM on the right path, that i am one step closer to my dreams and that one day, I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


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