To infinity and beyond.

When you feel all like, "I can’t do this." or "i am scared." Let me remind you that you have already done things even MORE challenging done this. What’s a few more mountains and a few more rollercoaster rides? You know why you can do all these?…. because, You, my dear, have superpowers. and, awesome ones too!! There’s nothing in this world that you cannot do. You can write post it notes which make people feel strong for (at least) a day. You can make rooms look brand new or make warm chocolates as sweet as you. You can make people laugh until no panadols can cure their tummy ache or paint the sky with a rainbow after a season of rain. You can shine like a sun. You can reach for the stars. You can make frowns turn upside down and create a big SMILE. You can make cold nights feel oh-so-warm with your "breath-taking" hugs. You can make people all over the world feel awesome with simple presses on your phone. So, what’s a few bad hair days, or exam papers, or heartaches?…. You have already gone past that many many times and i can tell you, you can do more. You can change people’s lives, write the most touching stories, swim in the deepest ocean, give the biggest love, or even create heaven on earth. Just use your superpowers or call a few of your friends (God is a friend, too). Then, breathe deeply and say, "I can do this." coz, the sky is not even the limit. and, you can do waaaaaaaaay more than this. (:

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