Philippians 4:19-inspired.

at the end of the day
what am i
as i stand before His kingdom
pearls of raindrops
on his silvern gate
with the mist
with their linings
and the sun-backdrop
smiling effervescently
sherbet running along
the length of my tongue
as i admit my faults
and plea my existence
i know
i am just a girl
created from His Hand
with His Love
at the end of the day
it is not my Achievements
my Pride
that distinguish me from others
that i should exert my efforts
and my virtue
not on material gains
on material certificates
of my worth
but my worth in Him
that i should embrace
all that He has given me
and not all that i want
for all i want is not His to give
but all that i need
He will willingly make me fight for

Poem Credits: Hilmary Oceans



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