this is it.

tonight is the eve before my first (exam) paper this semester and i am soooooooo excited! I can’t to wait to sit there and get my A’s! (probably a mixture of A-‘s and B+’s and a (maximum of one) B) hahaha!! 😀
don’t get me wrong. i am not like those dean’s lister people. i do not hide in the library day and night to memorise books. nor i am not one to choose grades over friends or commit suicide over grades. as long as i have done what i can, i am just always satisfied with whatever grade i get. in fact, i have watched harry potter, gone for day trips with visiting relatives, spontaneous outings, birthday celebrations and stayed overnight at the airport to watch the sunrise the next day through this exam period preparation.
but, personally, seriously, this sem is different. this semester, i am trying to prove something to myself.
i want to prove that once i set my mind on something, if i really work towards it, i can achieve it.
given who i am, where i came from, or what innate abilities i have, i want to tell myself that i have “a say” in my life and i can get something if i deserve it.
so, i started this semester with a goal: a gpa of 4.371. i tried to be consistent as much as much as possible. i ensure that i read lecture notes and do my tutorials (for concept-based modules) beforehand. i do not merely memorise answers. i undestand concepts. i can safely say that this semester is the semester i worked most for, academic-wise. there might have been trade-offs, things i had to forego- some of which i wish i hadn’t. nevertheless, it was a decision i made and this is the consequence, of the things i have done and i have failed to do. i had tried to maintain the balance while keeping my ball in the game. reminding myself of who am i and where i want to be everytime i am about to be swayed. but, still, all throughout, my eye was (mostly) just on that ball, which was always in the game.
and, now, the judgement days are just about to come. the of output of the capital and labour production function will be determined. (hah! im such an econs geek!) how i perform for my papers for the next 11 days will determine how i fare this time around and justify my efforts for this sem. given my social life, library duties, and miscellaneous activites, i think i have done my best. and i really really really hope i will do well.


i guess now, there’s nothing much i can do but do my best for that pressurizing 2 (or 2.5) hours [times 5papers.]
and, of course, pray to God.
Dear God, i have already done the best i can. So, please help me do the rest. Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
and, to those exams papers, HERE I COME!!! BRING IT ON!! 😀

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