One day, a man was sitting on the bench in the park. He was holding a metal spoon, and staring at it.

Then, another man came by and saw this. Curiously, he approached the man at the bench, and asked, "What are you doing?"

He replied, "I am training my willpower, such that I can bend this spoon with my willpower alone."

"How long have you been at this?"

"A few days already, but nothing seems to change. This means I do not have enough willpower. I have to devote more time and effort to it."

After listening, the other man smacked his forehead with his palm in disgust. He said indignantly, "Hey, let me show you what willpower REALLY is." Having said that, he took the spoon away, bent the spoon with his two hands, then handed it back to him.

"THAT, is willpower." He said with a tinge of frustration, before leaving to mind his own business.

The man at the bench stared at the bent spoon, looking a little confused. Then, a wave of epiphany struck him. He beamed at this new understanding, and happily left the bench to mind his own business too, leaving the spoon behind.



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