one in six billion.

Some people think that being in a relationship is difficult. and, of course, it is. However, once must remember that getting into a relationship can be just as complicated. You see, there are people who consider this as a mind game. And, they try to get ahead of the game; trying hard to make the right move and ensuring that one is 2 steps faster. But, getting into a relationship is not a chess game. Both parties are supposed to win, not just one.  Does it even make sense for us to keep on using our brain and not our heart? Yes, sometimes, it is scary to use our heart. It can make us vulnerable and weak. We may find out things about ourselves we have never known before. But, maybe, sometimes, it is worth it—to use our heart and have faith instead. Because, then we know, if things were meant to be. Once we try to change a part of ourselves and the other person doesn’t reciprocate, isnt it more ridiculous? Isn’t dumber if we lose ourselves for someone who isn’t even worth it? I guess, little do these people know that finding "the one" is the toughest part. You see, it’s an issue of mutual coincidence of wants. Two people need to meet; both of them willing to give what they have in exchange of what the other person has to give. And, in a world with 6,697,254,041 people. How lucky does one have to be to find the 1? So, if you found that person who, in your opininon, is a special one, stop thinking and take the chance. Even in the business world, reality tells us that the riskiest business gives the highest returns.



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