a letter for you.

dear friend,
At one point or another, we feel lost and forlorn; unsure of ourselves or of others. There are days when we wonder what happened, where we currently are and where we are going. There are days when we feel down and not able to move on. i know that things have not been awesome recently. and, there might be days when you do not want to get out of bed at all. Yet, despite this, i know you have been trying really hard to be strong. And, my friend, let me tell you, "girl, you are making all of us proud." You are like a wild flower that is blooming amidst the cold storm and the dark clouds. i know, one day, you might still feel weak but let me assure you, that whenever that is, we will always be there for you – far enough for you to have your space to grow yet close enough for you to hold on. I am proud of your every step in every day. As you take steps, picking up the pieces, slowly but surely, i know one day you will emerge like a beautiful butterfly inching out of a rough funny-shaped shit-coloured cocoon. And you might still cry tonight (or on other nights). cry if you must. but if you do, i hope you cry not for the lack of love but for the abundance of it; cry because of the overwhelming love you get from us- love from your friend, love from your family, love from God. It may not be what you want but it is what you need (and have.) This love so pure and so true and always for you. You are special in every way, my friend. Never ever forget that.
with much love,
your friend.


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