1 <3 Margie Wargie

1. Cannot have two types of meat in her dish.

2. Can’t eat mangoes. L

3. Katsudon and ice-blended cappuccino from canteen9 just makes her day.

4. Her fringe must be up and bouncy otherwise, her mood goes down with it.

5. She can’t read analogue clocks (yet she buys them)

6. She doesn’t know how to take out her earrings. So when you make her wear it, it will stay there forever.

7. She’s a walking English-usage corrector and essay vending machine.

8. She’s the best scrabble/boggle player we know.

9. She names EVERYTHING: the cockroach, the curtains, the fan, the sunflower, the Christmas decorations.

10. It is amazing how long she can last in the world of Deviant Art and Youtube.

11. Her colour: Turquoise.

12. At the moment, she gets a lot of glee watching Glee with her bf.

13. One day, she’ll walk backwards for a day just to break out of the norm.

14. All her weight is coming from her big big heart. She needs to put more fat/muscle-weight.

15. She’s the most beautiful and loving and selfless girl we have ever met.

16. Poems are the means for her to express the feelings she can’t express.

17. She has a creative mind, awesome fictional friends, and really interesting stories.

18. For someone who remembers a lot of things, she tends to forget that she’s never alone.

19. Unfortunately, she has friends who wouldn’t ever let go of her.

20. Today. She turns twen-teen today!


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