We are now and always in the most holy presence of God….

Dear God, as I begin this day let me turn my thoughts to You, and ask Your help in guiding me in everything I say and do. Give me the patience that I need to keep my peace of mind, and with life’s cares, I hope, Dear God, some happiness to find. Let me live but for today, not worrying about what’s ahead, for I have trust that You will I get my "Daily Bread." Give me the courage to face life’s trials and not from troubles run, let me keep this thought in mind, "Your will," not "mine," will be done. And if some wish I do not get though I have prayed to You, help me understand you know what’s best for me. I’ve failed you many times, I know, but when tonight I rest, I hope that I can kneel and say, "Dear God, I’ve tried my best."
This is my church in the Philippines: Binondo Church 🙂

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