A letter to myself.

:On the day when you get scared, when you start to doubt yourself, and you feel like you can’t go on, please read this

Please appreciate today. Soon, today will be yesterday and you wouldn’t want to look back with regret. Yesterday already passed and we can’t change it anymore. Tomorrow is yet to come and has a million possibilities. Live today to the fullest and at least you can say, “well, I’ve tried my best.”

Please look at the big picture and don’t get too caught up with the small things. God has a plan for you. You may not know it yet but it is slowly unfolding as you read.

Please do not over think or try to escape. Worrying gets you nowhere. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.

Please remember that life is a journey and the journey makes the destination more meaningful. Everything you do contribute to your story, how people will remember you and what makes you different from the rest.

Please don’t compare yourself with others. An apple is not the same with an orange.

Please remember that you already are different from the rest because God designed you differently and you have already gone through a different route from your peers. Trying to blend in is short-changing yourself especially if you are born to shine, after all.

Please realise that “being scared” is only one step of the process. The next step is “overcoming your fear” before you head onto “reaching you goal.” This whole process is called: Courage.

Please remember that you are the driver in this journey. You can always stand up after you fall, no matter how many times it has been.  Make your own decisions and take full accountability for which path you take.

Pleease do not judge others or yourself. What happened in the past is not an excuse and no one really knows what one can be in the future.

You are someone who wants to do a lot of things in this world. But, please do not spread yourself to thin.  Although there is a time for everything, you can’t have everything. Focus on a few things and give it your best shot and move on to the next step because quality is better than quantity.

Please realise that you are not perfect and you make mistakes too. Be humble and admit them. Ask for an apology, forgive yourself, learn from it and aim to be a better person.

Please stay crazy. It is a mad mad world. Everyone is crazy although they do not know it.

Life contradicts itself all the time and that makes it worth living – it is always full of surprises!

Please remember that you are the person who treasures relationships more than money or power. Life’s precious moments do not have value until they are shared.

Please choose your friends wisely- those who love you, believe in you, accept you and know where to find you especially when you lose yourself. Surround yourself with people who help you become a better person.

Please have faith in the power of love. All the wait and the pain is worth it, when you are loved as much  (or even more) as you can love. It is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Please communicate with all your five senses plus an open heart and an open mind.

Please remember that you are created in the image of God and you are meant to spread God’s love in the world. Smile, laugh out loud, sing, dance, draw, and write regardless if it is rainy or sunny. God gave you gifts to make a difference in this world.

Please remember that God is great all the time. Pray and offer everything to him. After you have done your best, it is His Will that will be done.


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