mapping them together.

the river is heading towards the mouth of the sea and feels like the boats are driftng apart. i am sad that we aren’t there to see each other’s subtle changes. i guess, we usually take photos only when we reach the top of the mountain (like birthdays, graduation, and wedding) and no one really takes note of the hike. but, i am the type who  would want to be by your side through that hike. to laugh with you, to cry with you, to push you, or just to listen… i want to know the details and not just the abridged version.
but this is the abridged version, my friends are spreading across different parts of the world. new york. beijing. up the social ladder. or exploring the field. each of them, pursuing their dreams. and doing their best to leave a mark in this world.  on hindsight, we truly have already done a lot of things and come a really long way. five years ago, we couldn’t have had pre-empted where all of us are now. and, no matter how sad i am, i couldn’t be more proud of all my friends, who in this world, each are leaving a mark. indeed, armed with wit and guts, we ARE breaking grounds.

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