i am on my way.

everyday, we aim to reach a destination…  and along the way, you may have chosen to turn left, to turn right, to make a u-turn. you may have chosen to beat the red light, patiently wait for the green light, bribe some traffic enforcer, or face the consequence of your action. you may have been a reckless driver or miss goodie two shoes. you may have taken a detour or the expressway instead. it may have been a straight or it may have been a bit long-winded. it may even have mixed signals with broken stoplights and crashing headlights. you may have decided to hang onto the excess baggage or leave them behind. but that is just life.
they say life is about the journey.. not the destination. and maybe, it is true.
a couple of people may end up getting the same accolades or living in the same neighbourhood with 2 sons and 2 daugthers or sitting in the same coffee place drinking the same coffee blend. but how we get their is a different story. each of us choose a different path, a different journey, a different roadtrip, in our lives. some choose to go overseas, some choose to stay in the philippines. some choose to stick with their morals, principles, and strong personality, while some change to be a different version of themselves. some settle. some strive.
indeed, it IS the journey that matters because that is when we choose who we become and that determines WHO we are when we reach the end. because every person, standing on that finishing line, has a different story to tell. some are short. some are long. nevertheless, each of them are none like the other.

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