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Things to consider when getting a tatoo:
  • who. what. when. where. how? since you will be having the tatoo for the rest of your life, have it somewhere credible. tattoos don’t have to come with excess baggages.
  • health safety check? you wouldnt want to get HIV or Hepa B, right?
  • get ink. give blood? while you can still donate blood, 12months leeway is needed for some places to prevent contamination.
  • will you be able to work it? some employers and professions don’t go with the tat image.
  • stretchy stretchy? you may want to position it some place (ie, back, arms, legs) where you can hide when necessary, or some place where it wont stretch when you put on a few pounds (esp, during pregnancy). plus, you can’t tattoo over big moles or fresh wounds.

Largest Population: China (1,330,044,544 as of 2008); Philippines is #13 (96,061,680 as of 2008)
Highest Population Growth Rate: Maldives ( 5.566%) China is #154 while India is #88 and Philippines is #67
Happiest Country: Denmark
Safest Country: New Zealand followed by Denmark (happy people) and Norway
Country with Highest Reported Crime Rate: United States 11,877,218
Poorest Country: Afghanistan (US$800 GDP per Capita)
Frees Economies in the World: Hong Kong (89.7points) with 100 as maximum Singapore is #2 (86.1points) and US is #8 (78.0points)
Top Country to have your walllet stolen: Spain, Barcelona
Most Expensive Big Cities: Luanda, Angola; followed by Tokyo, Japan which used to be #1 and note that Singapore is #11
Country with Highest Concentration of Millionaires: Singapore where 8.5% of the population are millionaires!
Country with the Biggest Houses: Canada 75% and Denmark is #14 with 29%
Country with Highest Divorce Rate: United States (4.95 per 1000 people) followed by Puerto Rico (4.47)
Country with Highest Abortion Rate: Russia (2,776,360 babies)
Country with Hiughest Teenage Birth Rate: United States (52.1) and Russia isn’t on the top28
Most Expensive College: George Washington University (US$37,820 per annum)
Highest Paying Job:  Anesthesiologists (US$292,00)
Lowest Paying Job: Food preparation and Wait Staff (US$17,400)
Most Endangered Specie: Black Rhino or Diceros bicornis

While searching various statistics, I encountered one interesting index Steve Jobs will be proud of– The iPod Index. This basically measures the purchasing power and hence the living standard of every country accorsing to how many hours they need to work to afford an 8GB iPod Nano. While workers in New York and Zurich only need to work 9.0hours, LA and Sydney for 9.5hours, people in other countries like Tokyo (12.0), HK (19.0), Seoul (22.0), Singapore (27.5), Cairo (105.0), Manila (128.50), Mumbai (177.0) need to work more.

Do you know how much US President Barack Obama earns? In 2009. the annual presidential salary was US$400,000. In 1969, this was already US$200,000. Accounting for inflation, Obama is actually earning 3 times less compared to what he could have earned 40 years ago!

And, I found 50 Unbelievable Facts About Money which includes the following:
  • People fantasise more about money than sex
  • 1 out of 14 Americans would murder someone for 10 million dollars
  • A person who drives 6miles to buy a lottery ticket is 5times more likely to be killed in a car accident than to win the lottery jackpot (odds: 20million to 1)
  • A paper money can resist more than 8000 folds before tearing
  • and the ink on those paper money are magnetic.
  • No one knows for sure where the $ sign came from.
  • All money in Japan is laundered. Money withdrawn from an ATM is pressed between fastmoving extremely hot rollers to kill most bacteria found on money.

Ever wonder about the Daylight Savings Time? Apparently, it was proposed by George Vernon Hudson in 1895 so that he can shift is work timings in the post office to give him more time to collect insects. This system was then first udes in World War I (1916) to save coal supply during wartime. Daylight Savings Time allowed people to work and sleep according to the rhythm of the sun for them to be more active in the "day" and use less electricity during the "night."

oooohkay. information overload. that’s enough googling for today. i shall move on to my other no-brainer activities
  • Series for the week: Grey’s Anatomy Season 4
  • Book of the week: Eat. Pray. Love.
  • Hobby for the week: cough. and nose blowing. stupid flu!

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