ARK 2010

somewhere in singapore, a few people gathered. some games were played. cheers were definetely not muttered. it got way too muddy. it got way too sunny. much talks. games. brief. debrief. but not much sleep at night. the amazing race was amazing but it definitely was not a race.
but that was not the story. 
the story is about the memories created; the friendships that were forged; the journey embarked upon. we knew more about ourselves. we knew more about each other. some of us remembered things we have forgotten. some of us realised things incomprehendable before. about letting go, accepting, friendship, responsibility, courage, death, life, faith, hope, love. some people stepped up to a challenge.  some people got closer to God (again.)
maybe it was just a few random people. random people committing random acts of kindness. but the sincerity in every relationship. the truth that God was the centre of us all–it is simply undeniable.
somewhere in singapore, a few people gathered. a few games were planned for them, but, in the end, it was God’s plans that mattered.



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