little annoying things

small annoying things.
cold egg and soggy hotdog
prepared by my cocky maid.
cat purring. dog barking.
all in one roof.
10am phone calls to wake me up,
telling me it’s already sooo late.
little sisters shouting.
bickering snickering fighting.
relentless arguing.
what clothes to wear.
who to get the ringing phone.
what channels to watch.
where’s that effing remote control?
6pm dinner.
9pm curfew.
11pm lights out.
what kind of a life is that?
lousy mrt.
deafening honks.
unbreathable air.
yucky pollution eveywhere.
sister nicely calling for help with her work;
and stealing clothes i was supposed to wear.
daddy asking which guy is on the phone.
mother calling me to already come home.
grandma telling me to slim down. 
hello. i even feel too lazy to even go down.
limang (5) kilo.
dalawang libo, tatlong daan siyamnapou at isang (2391) kilometro.
these are the small annoying things i can’t bare.
but these are not just small annoying things.
these small annoying things when clustered together becomes one big thing.
because, these small things together is one family-my family.
one big thing i can’t bear to think of anymore.
but these annoying thing?….
it’s one thing that right now, i truly miss…..

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