baby steps. daily life.

Have you looked around your life lately? The house you are in? The people you surround yourself with? Is this the life you would like to live for the next 5 years? the next 10 years? heck! The rest of your life? Because, if it is not, then it is about time for you to make a change. It is about time for you to turn that steering wheel and get onto the road trip of your life. The one you have dreamed of. Yes, you may take a few detours. Yes, there might be a few wrong turns. Traffic Jams, expressways, T-Junctions, double yellow lines – the list never ends. But, the important thing is that you have the destination in mind, and you TRY. Because, it is in trying that you become. When you give alms, trying to be charitable, you ARE charitable at that moment in time. And when you accumulate all these small moments, they become milestones of your life. Like, your first year in college, when you try to be on task. By trying to complete your homework, little but little, you are studying and henceforth you are industriously on task. So, if you want to make your life happy, start doing things now. Do not procrastinate. At least, try. They say, don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Well, I say, listen to them. Because, if you can enjoy today, then, you can also enjoy tomorrow.


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