every year for the past six years.

the time of the day has come again,
the time to say goodbye.
i have a hard time facing it
let me tell you why.
in my wide green pasture,
there flies a butterfly.
as the chaos theory have predicted,
every flap of its wings changes my life.
flap. a new friend comes in
and deeply we start to care
ever moment spent together
heart grabbed by a grizzly bear
and everytime i’ll tell myself,
"this friendship will never end."
but then my vision gets clouded
as they turn around the bend.
flap. au reveor. au revoir.
oh i always hope they will stay.
yet despite efforts to hold on,
everyone still drifts away……….
wonderful moments once was shared,
left in the past and, now, is gone.
as everyone follows a different path,
inevitably, there’s the setting of the sun.
so, to my friends, before you go.
let’s feel the breeze and look up the sky.
before the butterfly flaps its wings,
hold on. don’t move on.
can we pause here and stay awhile?

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