How do you define a friend?

someone you love spending time with?
someone who has been your friend since time immemorial?
someone who’s your friend, despite the country and time difference?
someone who’ll do the most spontaneous things with you and follows you through your craziest adventures?
someone who reassures you when in doubt and supports you through anything?
someone who keeps all your secrets?
someone who knows your deep dark secrets?
someone whom you can’t wait to tell your stories to?
someone who remembers the important things and forgets the unimportant ones?
someone who forgives you over and over and still believes in you?
someone who still waits for you even after three hours of waiting?
someone who will wear the funkiest attire, crack the lamest jokes, and eat the most bizzare food with you?
someone with whom you can about the most random things under the sun?
someone who tells you chocolate and mcdonalds are bad and still eats with you anyway?
someone who tells you you’re weird and annoying but loves you anyway?
someone who influences you positively and makes you a better person?
someone who will be happy when you are happy and be sad when you are sad?
someone who gets happier than you when you are happy and sadder than you when you are sad?
someone who’s not always around but knows when to be there?
someone who will ride the biggest rollercoaster ride of your life, literally and metaphorically, with you?
someone who will look out for you and protect you from the evil world?
someone who will stand beside you in this cruel cruel world?
someone who stop you from making the biggest mistake of our life?
someone who will let you commit that mistake and wait to comfort you afterwards?
someone who will listen to hours of your pointless senseless irrational ranting?
someone who brings you ben&jerry’s after your break up and cleans up your vomit after crazy clubbing/drinking nights?
someone whom you can text/call at 4am?
someone who will rush to your rescue wherever or whenever it is?
someone who actually reads your long blog entry on the definition of a friend?
someone whose shoulder is ready for your tears?
someone who makes you laugh and cry at the same time?
someone who has crushed all your ribs after all the tight warm hugs?
someone who cares enough to demolish walls you build around yourself to get to you?
someone who accepts your whole package — the good, the weird, the bad.
someone who know when you want to talk and when you don’t?
someone knows what you are thinking despite the fact that no words have been exchanged?
someone whose mere presence already makes everything feel okay?
But, let me tell you what.
There is no correct answer.
because, friendship, is not just a word.
There is no one definition.
Being a friend is a feeling, an emotion, a relation, a state of mind.
shrug. You’ll just know.

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