whether the weather is wetter

i hate it when the weather suddenly changes.
it is unreadable.
it is unpredictable.
like a girl with a fickle-minded brain.
you don’t know what’s going on up there.
you don’t know what’s about to happen.
it is so annoying because you thought there was no doubt.
time to do your laundry, run awhile, then go out.
thought, you and the weather knew what each roles are.
then suddenly, the clouds are acting up.
gray gloomy clouds glaring by the nearby horizon.
you dont know whether you should prepare;
take out your jacket and your raincoat.
or should you just cuddle in your bed and blanket
and wait………………………………………………………….
because soon everything will be okay.
actually, what am i doing?
i shouldn’t be caring about the weather.
whether it rains or shines,
i still got a mountian of things to do.
who cares about the stupid weather?

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