Pebble in the Water


                 I told myself: I am going there to win.                                 and guess what, i did!!! (they actually captured this shot!)


                 Second Runner-Up for Latin Grade E Cha Cha                                   Champion for Latin Grade E Rhumba


An incredible outstanding splendid memorable legendary day, indeed.

I truly truly did not expect it. I even thought my partner is going to kill me already. I missed my steps on the first round. my gosh! plus, he is awesome -his hips are amazing!even my eyecandy told him that- and I felt that I was bringing him down, a disappointment to him. Although I did work hard on my part, I knew it was not enough. I was so worried and paranoid the day before. But it all turned out well. awesome, in fact! who would have thought huh?. I couldnt even believe it. even when I was already standing on the platform. 

Thanks to God. and everyone who supported me through everything. especially my partner! Whenever we squeeze each other’s hand, right before we enter the dance floor, I’ll whisper to myself. "Please Jimmy, Just have faith in me. and Rheyza dont screw this up." lol. I Just have to walk in and I can still talk to myself so much. Though he doesnt know, I think we might have had the right mix. He had the talent, I had the perseverance. He had logic, I had faith. To think, that it was our third competition together, first time to compete in Rhumba and it was only last Semptember when I started learning DanceSport. On the same day, I also found out, I was accepted to take the Minor in Entrepreneurship, after the rigid screening and interview.

 This long weekend. (wow. It just had to be good friday-easter sunday). I learned, that truly, we do not know what our limits are until we push ourselves and do the best we can. yes. Fear may always be there to scare us at the beginning; Telling us that we cant do it. I get it all the time. But, I guess, that is when we decide that there are things which are more important than fear. We gotta expand ur horizon and just get out of that box. No one can define us but ourselves. But how we see ourselves is also not neccessarily who we truly are. This world has a lot of space for us to fill up and make our presence be felt. So, dont back down. Step up instead. Thats what it means when they say, let us conquer the world. We ought to spread our wings and fly.

Seriously, today, I looked back. I think 6 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed  that Life has soooo much things in store for me. That I can do all these things in my life. and obviously, there are still more to come.

Yes, World, here I am. and Nothing is going to stop me.



Remarkable Rheyza.


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