This a turning point in my semester.

indeed it is………
I have 5 more weeks to exams.
Yes, unbelievable but true.
Before that, I have:::……
Work to attend,
Lectures to wake up for,
Things to settle,
Orientations to plan,
One dance competition to prepare and go for,
Three projects to finish,
Six subjects to catch up on.
Moreover, last night, my mother was telling me how fat I am.
I wasnt really hurt.
but thanks to her, yes I finally realise
I have to do something about it.
About all these things in my life.
So, starting from 2 and a half hours ago…. (yes)
I shall ensure that:::……..
  • I do crunches/sit-ups when I wake up, then read the bible, then shower. (So, add 5mins allowance)
  • I read the news everyday.
  • I study more than I play in a day (for every one hour devoted to non-academic stuff, I should be studying for three hours.)
  • I shall finish at least 2 chapters or 1 subject in a day.
  • I dont eat rice.
  • I lessen sugary drink to maximum one serving in a day.
  • I refrain from eating fastfood. (once a week is more than enough.)
  • I shall not be on my blog and facebook for more than an hour (combined) in a day.
  • I am back to my independent and responsible Rheyza who can fully function without depending on other people’s plan.

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