dont blog. study.

i think i need to pull more all-nighters.
just last night, i realised that i havent done much for half a sem already.
and, now, a week has already passed after recess week.
yes, i am completely aware that i have a gazillion things to catch up on.
in comparison to last semester,
i feel like i have simply been drifting around lesson;
having good attendance and good mental awakeness.
but, somehow, i have not really been able to fully comprehend the concepts being taught.
i need to catch up on my lesson soon.
because i know catch up season will soon be over
and revision period will commence instead.
yes, i am aware.
but i need to really stop being aware and start acting upon it.
i am planning to pull an all-nighter tonight.
to start my catch up.
and hopefully, ill funish catching up by next weekend.
it’s all about self-discipline, Rheyza!!!

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