Bad Decision Skills of Mine.

Today, I made some bad decisions.
or at least chosen things when there were better options.
I chose to stick to people I knew
rather than make friends with new classmates.
I chose to let my hormonal imbalance, fickle-mindedness, and moodiness to rule over me
when I should have known who is the boss.
I chose to sleep and talk during lecture
instead of being those few honourable ones who attended physically and mentally.
I chose to hide and hide and hide
instead of stepping up to the challenges and doing my responsibilities
I chose to go out with dance friends than hang with my hall friends
when I should have known how to strike a balance.
I chose to do club’s paperworks over my tutorials
when I’m supposed to know my priorities.
I chose to care more about the happenings on facebook and around school
instead of symphatising for the people in Haiti and being more conscientious about the economic and current affairs.
Im deciding whether I should sleep first or study first at 1:20am
when I was supposed to know how to manage my time efficiently and effectively.
I am listing down the things I have to do
instead of simply doing them and NOT procrastinating.
I am writing on my blog instead of doing my tutorials
though I know that this does not solve my issues at all.
tsk tsk. I should have known better.

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