GradeE ChaCha Nationals

Yesterday was a big big day for me.
It was awesome!!!
Recently, I have joined DanceSport
after all the chacha locks, chacha basics., merengue, comapact sache i have done.
and the endless practicing of routine and trying to get the technique.
the grounding(ur feet is not supposed to leave the ground), the posture, the balancing, the horror. haha.
Yesterday, was the National Competition. (ntu, sp, and np)
and we got into semi-finals for both!!!
for the tertiary category, we got 11th ranking.
while for the open category, we got 7-8th!!! 🙂
a far cry from a closed competition (ntu only) we had back in December.
where we didnt get pass the first round.
now we danced 6 (x 1.5mins) out of 8 rounds…
meaning. we danced all the rounds jexcept the finals where there was only 6 couples. haha.
everyone was praising us; telling us that we improved a lot and we realy put our best food forward. :))
but, then again, we dont really know our limits until we put in our 200% out there ayt?
I thank all my friends and families for all the support they gave for me. ❤ ❤ ❤
I owe a lot to my friends who have made my dancesport experience so awesome and fun
 that I enjoy every late nights and dreadful long long long uphill journeys to the dance studio.
I would like to thank my team captain, Faiz, and my VP, Le Duy who did not give up on me despite the absence of my talent in dancing.
To my partner, Jimmy, who trusted me and stood by me, with loads of patience, despite all my shortcomings, our disagreements, and my lack in skills
My friends, Joanne Elaine JunJie Syful ChinYun Xinhong who made those trainings something to look forward to.
To Joyce Daph Ethan Sukyee JonJon KaiXuen LiPeng Chinyaw ChekLee Emily LienYin Alvin Sam Ivan XueZhe
 and everyone else in my DSA family who stick together and stand by for each other no matter how many times we disagree and agree and disagree and agree and disagree and agree and disagree and agree.
My mom for putting on my make-up and doing my hair.
My dad for the emotional and financial support. (dancesport is a very expensive hobbby okay?!)
My roomie who supported me all the way in every way.
To Clair and Liling and Margie and Jesper who supported me on that day though they didnt understand a thing.
PS: I miss the lorry. lol.

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