This Path I Have Taken.

Do you have those people around you
in lectures, in classes, or maybe just next door
who are just so sure of what they want our of their lives?
Well, I do. and I feel so intimidated and insecure.
I am taking Economics now
and I have friends who are so sure that they want to do Economics and Business.
They’re thinking method are also set in such a "Businessman" mindframe:
being so focused on their studies, being well-updated with news, knowing which modules to take,
knowing what activities to join to make their resumes look awesome, knowing how to make friends with the right people and make the right connections.
On the other hand, here I am
fumbling with NTU’s add/drop system.
haphazardly taking whatever modules have vacancies,
dancing my life away,
making friends here and there,
spending money everywhere.
Seemingly still in a honeymoon stage,
I keep myself busy with activities I am not even sure of the contributions in the long run.
I feel like, I should join less stuff, be less outgoing, and keep my eye on the game.
Should I?
But then again,
this is me;
the type who would give friends and family utmost importance over grades.
the type who would want to be up the ladder but hates the rat race.
Outgoing, distracted and directionless.
Perhaps, I am not really supposed to be in Economics.
In fact, I have always wanted to do Sociology–or Political Science.
Perhaps, I am supposed to be in Economics but i am just yet to figure out how I fit in the puzzle.
Perhaps, there is nothing to be scared about since everyone has their own path to make.
Well, it is always scary when one is walking on an untrodden path.
and right now, I am.

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