Friends do not drift apart.

Here’s to my friend who decided not to be my friend anymore.

no more finger-pointing. no more blaming.

it could be no one’s fault.

but lets just cheers to it.

Here’s to you. to our 4.. 5.. years of best-friendship.

to our teaching sessions. to our coffebean days at The Forum.

to talking about anything in the world until wee hours in the morning.

to our sharing of songs and tv series.

to talking about nothing and everything.

to our heart to heart talks about friends, about boys, about girls, about family.

to the talks regarding the girls in your life.

to finding reasons behind our irrationality.

to knowing our deepest darkest secrets.

to the months we don’t talk and

to how we talk again as if we were together everyday.

to our mutual understanding that the friendship was just there.

to that day when i read your texts and u got angry and i was down too.

to our bus ride to one end of the country to claim your wallet.

to “im finding nemo.”

to your weird left hand.

to holding your hand.

to listening to tech stuff or biz stuff i don’t event comprehend.

to planing trips and not having them.

to not planning the same things and yet end up doing them. to our roadtrips around your town.

to sitting down beside each other.

to lying down on the same bed.

to dreaming about the future.

to the memories i will never forget.

to the first day at The Big Bird at Balmoral Plaza.

to the last one at Coffee Bean at Mont’ Kiara.

to KC and Jojo’s “All My Life.”

i shall breathe them in now and breathe them out.

because all of them have happened and the time has come.

i have held on for far too long.

it is now time to let go.

embrace what has happened and realise that i still have life ahead.

maybe someday we will still see each other, talk to each other.

then, ill be happy. lucky. i wont deny. ill pray for it. ill wish for it.

maybe ill get some answers.

but ill try to forget you.

but as for now, im letting it all go.

(breathe in. breathe out.)

goodbye, my best friend.


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