eye on the game

for the past few days, i have been trying to be ahead of myself and on top of my work pile.

yes, of course i still have a whole pile of things on "pending"
gazillion of them.
but with all my commitments (not even having a bf yet),
my life is packed!!!!
and has even more surprises than a box of chocolates.
school. work. dancesport. groupwork. hallpub. scrabble. foc. csa. personal time.
yes. time management is the key!
so, must plan my time and slot in work slash rest in between.
currently, its manageable.
i just hope rheyza doesnt burn out.
this is gonna go on for quite sometime.
and my first exam paper is in 6weeks time.

managing time to avoid the stress overdue workload is stressful itself.

but, i shall erased that word from my vocabulary.
no time for such thing.


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