sem1 recess week.

things to do:

  • HL101 assignment
  • read all the past HL101 lecture notes x 4
  • read “waiting for gordot”
  • MB106 chapter 6
  • MB106 chapter 7
  • MB106 chapter 8
  • potato group presentation
  • revise spanish words + complete pages
  • read past 4/5 chapters of CBC111
  • HE102 chapter 11
  • HE102 chapter 12
  • HE102 chapter 13
  • look for canvassing opportunities
  • read news/ current events
  • upload photos
  • start new blog in tumbler
  • watch :how i met your mother:

places to go:

  • dsa practice (learn routine)
  • csa novena and dinner
  • sunday mass
  • 102c mid-autumn celeb at adm building
  • relax no books this weekend
  • queensway sunday love
  • monday: regan bbq dinner
  • tuesday: sushi buffet
  • tuesday: DSA Practice
  • wednesday: a tinge of tango
  • thursday: collect passport; meet uncle william
  • thursday: aggro kbox outing
  • thursday: an ugly truth movie outing
  • friday: DSA sentosa
  • friday: DSA dance practice
  • saturday: fifi day! 😀
  • sunday: rush work
  • sunday: meet fritzie? friends? fame?

so much for a recess week.

so much things to do. so little time……

i dont think i even have time to study. >.<


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