things eventually fall into place

today was actually quite a goood day for me.

i thought ill still be in my low blue hazy mood
but i wasnt
i was feeling confident with myself,
i figured, no one really cares so ill just do what i want to
anyway, worrying brings me nowhere.

i had a good talk with donna yst.
i ended my day with john’s words yst too!

my spanish and dance didnt clash anymore.
if there;s a will, there;s a way.
i had the guts to let go of smth i wouldnt be able to handle.
i got my dancing shoes (my new love no matter how painful it is)
and, i found a dancing partner!
and i passed by to see my cpg friends.
plus, even when i got in, i was just a LITTLE bit scared now
but i guess i can be up for it.
and, i didnt really care when she called.
why bother?


                                    my new ❤

i guess its true that everything happens for a reason.
and we just gotta wait for things to fall into place.

today, im really glad. 🙂

hopefully, tmr, ill still be walking on sunshine! 🙂

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