im studying Kafka’s Metamorphosis for English Lit now,
and honestly, it is JUST SO AMAZING.
it dwells on the question on who is really human?
Gregor, the insect, or his human family members?
how do u decide who is really human:?
One had the human body form but lacks in values and feelings
whilst the other is enclosed in a shell-like structure, but his emotion and care for others
exceeds those who are deemed to be "human"
what makes a human being? 

my lecturer also pointed out somethign that Kafka might be trying to highlight.
Why is it that when Gregor turned into a cockroach,
it seemed like he was not part of anything anymore.
and his family start to ignore his significance, albeit his existence.
It seems like when he was fired from the job and later on from the family,
his existence is diminishing little by little.
Just like in a society.
When we cease to be a part of an institution or a group,
our identity and our significance in the world seem to disappear.
THink of when old people retire and suddenly their "words of wisdom" are ignored.
or, when u stop studying in a specific school and suddenly ur neither a high school student or a college student.
Does this mean that an individuals identity lies in the organisation he associates himself with?
what about someone who is alone and independent?
Does this person not exist?
i didnt like Kafka’s Metamorphosis when i read it 3 years back.
but now i see how complicated and deep it is.
A truly magnificent piece of literature.

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