monday blues.

wow. its been a really long time since i last updated my blog.

ive made loads of new friends.
joined new cca’s.
cool new awesome lifestyle, btw.
i even have a new lappy now.
i ❤ my new HP ProBook 4310s.
im gonna bookmark my blog now so that i can update it all the time.
a BRIEF summary:

School is Cool!

staying at hall 9 [45-6-860]

my new beloved lappy!!

HP ProBook 4310s

im in DanceSport Academy too!

–currently learning cha-cha. 🙂

plus, im learning SPANISH too.

soy habla ingles, filipino, un poco de espanol y chino mandarin! 🙂

and of course, a sweet hi from me!

credits to my new lappy’s webcam 😀


all the way, piscesbabe.
please do ur essay on betrayal now.


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