okay. so, so, last week i went for my first uni camp. its for a club called- catholic students apostolates camp CSA FOC. it was a really small camp and the activities werent straineous at all so everyone had fun bonded really well. i have a feeling that it was a beginning of a new friendship—maybe even a family in ntu. nice! 🙂

on sunday, i also went for a catholic filipino youth group thing called-breaking pandesal. pandesal is layman’s kind of bread which everyone eats as a taple food for breakfast in the philippines. only worth one peso apiece back when i was young. anyway, only very very few people were there but i guess its a step. i didnt want to go at first. dont get me wrong. i am actually eager to have this journey of knowing God but i dont want being pressured into things. i want it slowly but surely. but well, a voice whispered to me saying give them the benefit of the doubt—henceforth i went. and it was ok. no regrets but no promises. 🙂

since i did not get into my faculty camp for this week, i have just been hanging around my friends—cherishing the last few times we can hang around carefree before everyone flies off and we get to busy with our uni life. errands. movies. guitar. hanging around.

on monday, 
i went to 20nassim road, philippine embassy (singapore)
-finally renew my passport
-and i am now a registered voter!!! yey! 🙂

on tuesday,
i went to watch harry potter.
such a blah movie.
i sure hope that the last movie will be way better.
give the story a little credit.
honestly, they should choose a bit of highlights from the book and put some essence and real emotions while filming it instead of trying to summarise the whole book. coz, the movie just seem like a series of snapshot of the book which lacks quality, significance, and emotion so it fails to capture the audience. while i was watching it in the movie house, it felt like they force me to sit down and just absorb everything- no thinking no feeling. hello?! information overload! blahhh.

on wednesday,
solar eclipse people! but thanks to the rain. we can even see the 10% eclipse over here in singapore. so pathetic. i had to watch on channel news asia. booo! any chance that ill still be alive in 2132 for the next eclipse?!?!! i was browsing the news to see that india and china still have superstitions about the eclipse. bad omens for the hindus, so kids and pregnant ladies must stay inside and people must wash their feet. i wonder if those superstitions are true coz if its, then the possibility that 2012 WILL be the end of the world is, hence, one step more true now. oh fudge!

now, im just onlining—THE WHOLE DAY. okay since yesterday. in fact. loser. surfing youtube, msn and facebook. yep. this three can keep you occupied for more than 24 hours nonstop. amazing. but i found some realisation while using facebook. shall post it soon. 🙂

im trying to play guitar now. with my uber pathetic guitar skills. trying to master "everything" by michael buble. hehehe:) at least, i can tick one more thing off my "list of things to do during summer"

suying just left today--930 am flight to perth. oh so sad. when liselle leaves on aug13, practically 90% the friends ive had in this small country for the past 2years will be gone onto greener pastures. sigh.
annoying global citizens of 21st century. born in country A. study in country B. work in country C. reproduce in country D. and die in country E.

PS: if liselle is by any chance reading this, get well soon. i wanna go over there. 🙂


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