the sky is infinitely blue.


one trait i dont want to surround myself is emo-ness. those suicidal type who always have a very very bleak view of life.

those people who always think that something bad is gonna happen around the corner.

i always have faith in life.
i always believe that hings will turn out fine and for the better.
i trust that eventhough there are a lot of greed and hate in the world,
there;s a lot more FUN and LAUGHTER and LOVE.
yes. i have a very nice bright blue of life—maybe even naive.
i trust that everyone can be trusted.
i think that pple who seem like b!t-hes and b-st-rds also have a good kind heart somewhere inside. 
thats why blind people smile, 
or people with terminal diseases find the strength to wake up everyday,
thats why birds still fly and winds still blow.

yes. so, tmr morning when you wake up, greet your friends…
Good Morning!!! 🙂
breath in fresh morning air.
enjoy a good cup of coffee. not the commercialised one.
smile at strangers.
sing while you shower.
do a favour for a friend.
and hang with them–do spontaneous things.
watch fireworks light up like millions of stars in the sky.

coz life is good 🙂

look up the sky and see for yourself.


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