the bullet has your name on it—so they say.
do u believe in fate? do u believe in destiny?
Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events.
so, do u think that everything that happens in our lives are already predetermined?
in our daily pursuit to become successful, we naturally want to
think that all of us have free willl and we can actually reach
something more than what we already have. when u turn around and see
all the people in the subway scurrying to get to their job and get
ahead of their coworkers, who are we to say "nah. your only meant to be
an assistant and you cant get anywhere higher than that." but,
honestly, who can say that "our fate is NOT YET sealed" with utter
confidence huh?
for my part, i dont really believe in fate. nor in destiny.
BUT i believe that there;s a larger universe out there with a plan.
a plan that isnt carved in stone.
and id like to believe that it works in merit and demerit system.
like karma. what goes around–comes around.
i like to believe that Serendipity happens.
that sometimes, things are just meant to be.
Like the stars falling in place to form the Orion’s belt.
or the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.
or how people fall in love with this one person out of all the people on the whole wide world.
right now, i can feel that bigger things are coming.
and i wont be able to stop bettter yet control it.
yep. thats fate knockin’.
bring it on. 🙂


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