No one else but you

Why don’t you step up?

Step into the light.

Especially if you know

you can do better.

If you’re
Perhaps, you know how to do it better.
Step up.
Perhaps you can contribute with more than that grumble.

You think you can do better
yet, you keep on hiding beneath the shadows.
If you think you can do it, why don’t you do it?
Aren’t you proud that you can finally prove them wrong?
Or, perhaps, you’re afraid ‘cause they were right all along?

I doubt so.

You are

But why hide in a sanctified corner?

Why are you not shining your light upon the world of “immense” darkness?
Why don’t you take that small step?
Then, make a difference in the world?
Turn the “crappy” world on what you think it should be.
You are more than what you think you ought to be.

Make that “impossible” possible

It this is not “it,” then what is?
If it is not now, when can it be?
If it is not you, who will it be?

—- its another one of my entry for my school’s “creative writing competition” together with “daddy’s little girl” and “insecure”— i dont really like this one though. i honestly dont get it too. lol—–


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